About Us

Located in the remote mountain paradise of Davis, West Virginia since the early ’80s, East West Printing is a family-run business that began as a basement operation serving regional adventure outfitters.

These days EWP prints t-shirts for events, businesses and organizations nationwide out of a 10,000-square foot facility, while remaining true to their small town roots.

Known as pillars within their community, EWP is a coveted workplace, having through their history, multiple 20-year employees. What’s their secret? For one, they’re a meticulous and passionate crew with an appetite for the creativity and puzzle-solving that comes with the print industry. With a communal lunch room, flexible work schedules, freshly harvested food in the fridge, and best of all, laughter ringing throughout the building, EWP has been a model for “Working to Live” long before the phrase was ever coined.

Meet the Team


The heart and soul (and President) of EWP, Alice started East West over 38 years ago with husband Bill (while raising two sons). When she’s not cracking jokes and making her job overseeing general operations (and innumerable details) look much easier than it is, Alice is touring with her band Aurora Celtic playing flutes and banjo—and occasionally being mistaken for a celebrity. Can you guess which one, because we’re not exactly sure ourselves?

Bill Waite

Bill is much more than Vice President, he is the “West” (California) in East West printing. After printing and delivering the very first Star Trek tees personally to Mrs. Roddenberry’s house, and designing t-shirts for the King Tut museum tour in the early ’70s, he is also somewhat of a legend among his friends. Bill is the Zen master and technical wizard of the East West printing floor. When he’s not at the shop, Bill’s stealing a mountain bike ride out the back door or tending to one of his organic gardens.

Kurt Johnson

Playing the bass professionally for over 30 years, would you believe Kurt, our In-House Sales Manager, turned down a position as the first-ever Sound Curator of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to stay in WV? How lucky is EWP—and you, since he’s typically the voice on the other end of the phone. And his expertise doesn’t stop at music, so go ahead and ask him anything. KJ will likely surprise you.


A man of many talents, and a new dad, Kurt is most often on the road visiting EWP customers as our Eastern Region Sales Rep. When he’s not tending to his apple orchard this guy is shredding the pow, boofing waterfalls and dropping the gnar. Oh, yes…and changing diapers.


Not only Alice’s sister (can you tell?!), Ruthie has been a creative force and Director of EWP’s Art Department for over 25 years. Luckily for us, her degree in art conservation and printmaking translates quickly into memorable and trend-setting tees. But of course her artistry doesn’t stop there—Ruthie is also a talented painter, mother of two and Old Time fiddle player.


Don’t let this sweet smile fool you: after studying with Bill as a Printer for over 15 years, Adam is more than an ace on the presses, he’s a well-known card shark at the poker table. Word has it that his game face works on the local trout too.


With us for almost a decade, Shanna is EWP’s Purchasing and Production Coordinator, a very important cog that keeps the shop wheels turning. We’re not sure how she does it, but she makes smooth work of the tidal waves of material that flow in and out of East West’s doors every day, then goes home to her family, no doubt attending to even more spin cycles.


We’ve almost lost track of how many years our Chief Embroiderer Suan has been with EWP, but we also can’t remember what we ever did without her. Essential to keeping our stitching department in order, Suan’s also our Shop Safety Officer–and trained EMT/Firefighter—a lifesaver who develops training materials and coaches the EWP crew on safety protocols.


With the mind of a true detective, EWP couldn’t be happier to have Becky as their Business Office Manager for the last 12 years. Alice’s right-hand accounting whiz (and personal hero), Becky is also a beloved and active member of the community at every level.

Tony Ellinger

One of our newer recruits, but a quickly rising star on the printing press, Tony is a cheerful and energetic presence in the shop. When he’s not printing t-shirts, he is cycling, snowboarding and enjoying the year ‘round recreation that Davis is known for.


Handling the Colorado accounts and more, our Western Sales Rep Erik not only serves our Rocky Mountain clients, but as owner of Inflatable Restoration and Repair (IRR) in Salida, he also fixes their boats. When he’s not patching rafts or cooking dinner for his wife and daughter, he takes to the river in the summer, slopes in the winter, and somehow tucks in a hunting trip or two.